WIKI and Tips - Tricks for Dragon City

In this article about Dragon City, we want to offer you a list of dragons. With this you can not only find out which kites are there, but also how these are created (ie which kites you have to cross) and into which habitat these can be placed. If you happen to be interested in this article, we recommend our tips and tricks about Dragon City.
After we were looking for a dragon list ourselves and we did not find anything, we would like to introduce you to our list. This gives you tips and tricks for more gold in Dragon City, because whoever crosses the right kite can get more gold per minute.

What are Exclusive Dragons in Dragon City?

These are dragons that are created when we cross each other from level 10 onwards. For example, Terra + Elektro can create a sky dragon. This comes, but is randomly based.

The whole thing goes on when both kites are at least level 15 or level 20. Even more exclusive kites can be created.


Rare hybrids in Dragon City

As you get the rubber, soccer, pirates and other dragons of the rare hybrids we will try to add here soon. With our tips and tricks you get rubber dragon and Co. faster.

Legends Dragons in Dragon City emerge at the crossroads of these rare hybrids. The legendary dragon, the crystal roof or the dragon can appear in Dragon City. The wind dragon is not to be breeded.

You can already see that the legends in Dragon City and Dragon City Mobile are not easy to cross. Furthermore there are still the pure dragons, the light and war dragons in Dragon City, which we will introduce later.


Tips and tricks - Which kite should I choose?

These tips and tricks are aimed at getting a lot of gold in Dragon City. This list has no meaning for the fighting. So which kite should I choose to make a high profit.

The table shows very well that, according to the revenue per minute, the terra dragon is best suited. This brings as much as 126 gold per minute, as soon as it is at level 10. Followed by the Star Dragon (Terra + Electric). Since this can also be placed in an electrical habitat, this is particularly suitable for longer periods. The large Terra Habitat has a maximum gold volume of 2000. If the Terra Drache alone would "live" there, you have to click on the Habitat every 15 minutes. Even the normal electrical habit has a capacity of 3000 gold. Accordingly, you should try to get to the Star Dragon.

Do you have more tips and tricks about which dragon you should breed in Dragon City? We strongly recommend you use our searchable table. Just enter the sea and the electric and you will learn which kites can be created.