Cheats and Tips for Dragon City

Dragon City is an app published by SocialPoint. It is free to download in the PlayStore and App Store. You can play it on any device that has Android or iOS. In the game you have to build up your own Dragon City. Of course, you will also have many of your own kites and breed them. In the game, you can fight your dragons against the dragons of other players and gain resources. The strongest dragons are difficult to get in the game. You need a lot of precious stones. Instead of buying these, you can use our Dragon City hack.


What is important for this game?

As with most games, Dragon City also needs to provide the characters with Gems, Food and Gold. The so-called cards play a central role in this online game. Without gold, survival in this game is almost impossible. This is a relief when using the Dragon City cheats, the gold budget can be improved a bit. Also the Gems should not be underestimated in this game, because not only the crates can be opened, but also many tasks can be tackled first. Since higher levels also increase the need for Gems, then it is a relief, if also with the help of Dragon City cheats a little help can be helped.


How can Dragon City get tricks?

Those who love this game will soon realize that it is hard to cope with Dragon City tricks. Of course, one or the other trick can bring the play fun again - and if these are already available on the net, why not just use it and continue? With a few clicks, players are now only a few moments of free gold and free Gems thanks to the Dragon City cheats. The Dragon City cheats and Dragon City tricks can be used by both iOS devices and Android devices. Accordingly, there are no restrictions. Another advantage is the good communication within the community. While the players are playing against each other and everyone can be an opponent, Dragon City tricks and tips are always given. Especially in higher levels, this can be an enormous support, because here the tasks can be quite tricky and can not be mastered without the help of others. For more Tips check Dragon City Wiki here.



Anyone who decides on Dragon City will find an online game that has captivating situations and tasks from the very beginning. However, the levels are gradually becoming heavier and with the help of Dragon City cheats and Dragon City tricks can be a little under the arms.