Are you looking for a working Dragon City hack to generate as many precious stones, food and gold as you want? Then you are here on the right side. Because we offer the players of Dragon City a functioning hack.

With our Dragon City cheats, you will generate as many precious stones, gold and food as you want for your Dragon City accounts. Sure you want to have precious stones to buy dragons, buildings or demos. Most players would like a lot of precious stones because of that. The long waiting times to shorten the improvement of buildings is also the most reason why you would like to have many precious stones. But you know it all so or so already. You are here because of the Dragon City hack.

To use the hack, you must first enter your game name and choose how much you want from the three resources. Press the "generate" button. Then your resources are generated and data is loaded. Loading and generating should take only a few minutes. After the shop is finished, your precious stones are ready. However, it might be that you have to verify. Sometimes automated programs misuse our hack. Since we only want to offer our cheat for real players, you have to show that you are also a human. You do this by participating in a free survey. Choose one of the surveys and enter your handynummer there. A four-digit number code is sent to you. You must enter this code and submit it. So that the whole does not cost you money, you have to send "Stop" and the number, which sent you the code. So you will get your desired amount of precious stones free of charge. If you do not receive your resources, try again on another survey. Since you now know how the hack works, there is now a little description about the game. If you are familiar with Dragon City, you can use the same hack. Have fun creating precious stones!

Dragon City is an app published by SocialPoint. It is free to download in the PlayStore and App Store. You can play it on any device that has Android or iOS. In the game you have to build up your own Dragon City. Of course, you will also have many of your own kites and breed them. In the game, you can fight your dragons against the dragons of other players and gain resources. The strongest dragons are difficult to get in the game. You need a lot of precious stones. Instead of buying these, you can use our Dragon City hack.

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